Unraveling the confusion around the word: Dominance.

Let’s just keep this simple and work definitively: noun: dominance power and influence over others. noun: power; plural noun: powers the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.”the power of speech” the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.”she hadContinue reading “Unraveling the confusion around the word: Dominance.”

Training Tip: Research your breed or dog type!

There has been a pretty big movement over the last decade that pushes for a “love is all you need” attitude towards our dogs: “dogs are all the same….it’s all in how you raise them”. The TRUTH is that genetics matter a GREAT deal and most certainly translate into behavior, talent, limitations, training needs andContinue reading “Training Tip: Research your breed or dog type!”

Retroactive Punishment

TRAINING TIP: STOP RETROACTIVE PUNISHMENTS A huge misconception in disciplinary action for misbehavior in dogs is: that they can understand retroactive punishment. If I don’t do my homework on Monday, and my mom finds out on Friday, and I get grounded on Sunday; I can understand: “I’m grounded today because I didn’t do my homeworkContinue reading “Retroactive Punishment”

Attitude: Change our verbiage to change our attitudes to improve our relationships.

We all know our thought life manifests into speech which in turn manifests into action. Our attitudes towards our dogs directly impacts how we treat them and how effective our training will be. If we think of our dog and refer to our dog as a jerk….its easy to transfer that attitude into misreading behaviorContinue reading “Attitude: Change our verbiage to change our attitudes to improve our relationships.”

How do I find a legitimate dog trainer in an un-standardized industry?

Choosing a dog trainer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your family, and there is so much controversial info and quick fix marketing that it can make your head spin. Franchises, trainers, and training collages have no standards holding them accountable. Yes, read that again: Franchises, trainers, and training collagesContinue reading “How do I find a legitimate dog trainer in an un-standardized industry?”