Training Tip: Research your breed or dog type!

There has been a pretty big movement over the last decade that pushes for a “love is all you need” attitude towards our dogs: “dogs are all the same….it’s all in how you raise them”.

The TRUTH is that genetics matter a GREAT deal and most certainly translate into behavior, talent, limitations, training needs and capabilities. It is important to know what the breed or type (if you are getting a mix) of dog you have. Selective breeding for 100’s and 100’s of years does not dissipate simply because I want a house pet and even more importantly: WE CANNOT FAIRLY TRAIN AWAY GENETICALLY INDUCED BEHAVIORS OR INSTINCTS ALTHOUGH, SOME TRAINING METHODS WILL UNFAIRLY SUBDUE THEM.

There are methods that subdue dogs and make them miserable for being themselves….(sort of like punishing Vincent Van Gogh for wanting to paint….) and there are training methods that will develop dogs in a fair and healthy way; while educating handlers on how to TAP INTO THEIR DOG’S GENETIC TALENTS and feed their dog’s needs.

One thing that all dogs have in common is that they were all bred to serve a purpose…if we know what that purpose is and how to tap into that we can help our dogs be the best they can be!!

For a successful relationship with your dog research and know the types, breeds and their purposes. Interview your trainer….do they know your dog type? Do they like your dog type?It will set a solid foundation for training, leadership, behavior and expectations and working with nature instead of against it.

Passion. Knowledge. Respect