Meet Your Dog Trainer

Hi! Thank you for checking out my site! My name is Allie McCain and I am the owner and head trainer at Rogue K9 Academy. I am a Certified Foundation Style Dog Trainer.
My core values are passion, knowledge, and respect. I am passionate about science based training that makes sense and does not cause negative side effects. Foundation Style Dog Training is a holistic, educational approach to dog training; implementing operant conditioning, applied behavior analysis, and cynopraxis. My passion is working with aggressive dogs, aggression control, and personal protection training.

I believe in taking the whole family, canine genetics, your goals, and the issues at hand into consideration to create a training plan and relationship overhaul that makes sense and is achievable. This common sense approach makes solutions for puppy rearing into advanced training, aggression, fear, adoption acclimation, and any other behavioral issue wholly achievable.

I am fully committed to your success and offer a full service, hands on approach to educating you, the handler.

I belong to a mentor-ship program and believe in always continuing my education to become better, not just in relation to dog behavior and ethology (animal behavior objectively) but in canine nutrition, disease prevention, and integrative therapeutics. I continue to offer my very best to each family that trusts me to be apart of their journey.

I am certified in cold laser therapy, nutrition, and taking a canine rehabilitative massage therapy course, and am apart of a group of active trainers ( who meet weekly to discuss cases, support each other, and hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard, in an un-standardized industry. Foundation Style Dog Training is hack-free training that seeks to develop relationships between the dog and handler, while developing reliable obedience.

If you have an aggressive dog and are out of the area, please take advantage of my online aggression consultations, support, and online training. There is hope. I am here for you.